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Data Policy

The XMaS National Facility aims to ensure that all data collected at the facility, including the beamline and offline facilities, are compliant with the FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusable) principles.

Users of the facility are encouraged to provide suitably informative metadata to enable FAIR data handling.

As a Collaborating Research Group of the ESRF, the data policy of the XMaS facility follows that of the wider Data Policy for Public AccessLink opens in a new window of the ESRF. Acceptance of this policy is a condition for the award of beam time. Deliberate infringements of this data policy may lead to denial of access to raw data or metadata and/or denial of future beam time requests at the ESRF, as well as actions of the ESRF in the court of law. XMaS and the ESRF will provide curation of results over the long term on a best effort basis. Neither XMaS or the ESRF can be held liable in the case of unavailability or loss of data or results.

The ESRF (subject to the data protection legislation of France) acts as the custodian of all raw data and metadata collected on XMaS. The metadata will be stored in the ICAT metadata catalogue Link opens in a new windowwhich can be accessed onlineLink opens in a new window to browse and download (meta)data. The experimental team will have sole access to the data during a three-year embargo period, renewable if necessary. Experimental teams can release their data before the end of the embargo period by creating a DOI for a publication or by sending a request to After the embargo period, the data from publicly funded research will be released under a CC-BY-4Link opens in a new window licence with open access to everyone. XMaS data will have a DOI created automatically with high level metadata such as Title, Authors, Abstract, Beamline made public as soon as the experiment has been completed. This information shall be available via the persistent identifier landing page on the web. Any publications related to XMaS data must cite the persistent identifier of the experiment and that of the data in their publication.