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1 + 3 MSc + PhD Projects

Students undertake the MSc in Molecular Analytical Science and choose their PhD project title during the MSc year.

2020 1 + 3 MSc and PhD Project Areas
Area Projects Supervisor Partners


AZ have collaborated on projects in many areas of analytical Science including diffraction, electrochemistry, mass spectrometry and NMR with the previous CDT, you can see a list of projects they are included in on the MAS CDT website

To be confirmed during MSc year


2019 1 + 3 MSc and PhD Project Areas:
Area Projects Supervisor Partners

Advanced analytical techniques applied to energy materials

Solar Cells (Photovoltaics)

Dr Ross Hatton, Chemistry

Professor John Murphy, Engineering

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research and KP Technologies
Advanced polymer nanocomposites for energy applications Dr Chaoying Wan, Warwick Manufacturing Group  

Battery materials

Professor Shanwen Tao, Engineering

Dr Melanie Loveridge, Warwick Manufacturing Group
Multi-drive Ltd

Innovation and R&D at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire

Materials Characterisation through the length scales for medical applications:

High-resolution characterisation of vulnerable and stable plaques for better diagnostic tools

Dr. Tara Schiller (WMG)

Chris Imray (Vascular Surgery)

Sean James (Tissue Bank)

Development of integrated microfluidic platforms for organs on a chip or diagnostics.

Engineering of Protein Scaffolds for Cardiovascular Applications using Microfluidics and 3D printing

Dr. Jerome Charmet (WMG)

Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam (Surgery)

Joe Hardwicke (Surgery and UHCW Innovation Lead)

Advanced analytical techniques applied to medical physics

Novel patient-specific radiotherapy

Dr. Jon Duffy (Physics)

Dr John Sage (Head of Radiotherapy Physics)

Trace metals in medicine

Element-specific detection of iron and other metals in human tissue with dual energy CT, Developing capacity for quantitative susceptibility measurement in human brain using MRI, Optimizing sequences for evaluation of iron deposition in multiple sclerosis using MRI

Dr. Joanna Collingwood

Charles Hutchinson (Radiology)

Sarah Whyte (radiology)


Measurement of 2D materials using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy -

Richard Beanland (Warwick Physics)

Sam Marks Oxford Instruments

Determining the atomic structure of small molecules using cryogenic electron diffraction. 

Richard Beanland (Warwick Physics), Corinne Smith & Allister Crow (Warwick Life Sciences)


Developing new tools for electron microscopy imaging

Corinne Smith (Warwick Life Sciences)



Studies of Topological Superconductors using Muon Spectroscopy

Superconductivity and Magnetism Group, Department of Physics:

Dr Martin Lees

Prof. Geetha Balakrishnan

Muon Spectroscopy Group – ISIS neutron and Muon Source

ISIS Supervisor: Dr Pabitra Biswas

Organic thin film electronic devices

Thomas Hase (Dept Physics)

Jakob Kjelstrup-Hansen (University of Southern Denmark)


Magnetic materials with highly frustrated interactions studied with neutron diffraction and spectroscopy

Oleg Petrenko, Physics