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AS CDT PhD Projects


PhD student




Angus Currie

  Joe Darling    

Precision synthesis using nanoscale electrochemistry

Bethanie Dean Paul Wilson Royal Society
Developing fast magic-angle spinning NMR methods for applications to biological systems Jairah Lubay Steven Brown (Physics) and Józef Lewandowski Bruker

Microstructural related residual stress distributions in solid state ceramic battery electrolytes processed by low energy methods

Alex Melichar-Eastwood

Claire Dancer (WMG)

Novel antimicrobial agents for combatting infectious diseases Millie Parton Peter Sadler GoldenKeys High-tech Materials Co., Ltd

Analysis of soft matter gels during dissolution of solid oral pharmaceutical products by magic angle spinning NMR spectroscopy

Svetlana Pavlovic

Steven Brown (Physics)


Spectromicroscopy to study the role of iron in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Natalie Arigundiya

Joanna Collingwood (Engineering)

Diamond Light Source
Plant-inspired sunscreens for agrochemicals: The development and application of ultrafast laser spectroscopy techniques to identify and design photoprotectants ( Jack Dalton

Vas Stavros


Probing improper ferroelectric switching and dielectric responses by in situ X-ray diffraction

Evie Ladbrook

Mark Senn


Understanding how molecules are delivered to biosurfaces from evaporating droplets

Jordan Lee

Pat Unwin


Characterisation of Materials for Heterogeneous Catalysis Using Advanced Analytical Techniques

Jacob Oyarzabal

Richard Walton

Johnson Matthey

Green graphite and graphene for lithium-ion battery innovation: Materials, manufacturing and characterisation

Ben Robinson

John Low (WMG)

Graphene Star

Performance Modelling of Photoelectrochemical Devices in Reduced Gravitational Environments

Byron Ross

Katharina Brinkert

European Space Agency
Screening and optimisation of active targeted polymeric systems for cancer therapy Owen Tooley Dan Lester AstraZeneca

Investigating the atomic and electronic structures of nano-scale molecular metal-oxo clusters.

Tom Barnes

Sebastian Pike


Extreme performance mass spectrometry for metals in biology and medicine

Edward Lant

Peter J. Sadler and Pete O'Connor


Evaluation of the capabilities of 2-dimensional mass spectrometry in a variety of molecular systems

Callan Littlejohn

Pete O'Connor

Verdel Instruments
Probing drug-excipients interactions and their impact on solid-state stability of drug product by solid-state NMR spectroscopy and computational analysis Liam Medlin Steven Brown (Physics) GSK
Exploring Magnesium Chemistry : From Reactive Precursors To Synthetic Minerals Katie Pickering Richard Walton BYK
Solar-assisted oxygen and fuel production for long-term space travels and Moon habitats Shaumica Saravanabavan Katharina Brinkert European Space Agency
Developing light-driven molecular switches for use on solid substrates Matt Stoodley

Reinhard Maurer

David Duncan (DLS)

Diamond Light Source
Quantification of peptide secondary structure: The use of solid and solution state NMR to develop ATR FTIR spectroscopic methods. Chris Trembath Józef Lewandowski AstraZeneca
Characterisation of low work function, air-stable electrodes for organic photovoltaics Simon Abrahamczyk Ross Hatton  
Understanding Complex Polymer Structure Lucas Al-Shok David Haddleton Syngenta
Development and application of Electron Diffraction techniques for determination of molecular structure Anton Cleverley Corinne Smith (Life Sciences) and Richard Beanland (Physics)  
Developing A Solvothermal Reaction Cell for in situ Neutron Scattering of Crystallisation Mark Crossman Richard Walton ISIS
Development of spectroscopic approaches for the characterisation of new pharmaceutical modalities Mohammed Rahman Steven Brown (Physics) and Pete O'Connor AstraZeneca
Development and characterisation of endogenous/exogenous MRI contrast agents for application in neurodegenerative disease Festus Slade Joanna Collingwood UHCW
Developing fast magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR methods for applications to both organic and bio-molecules in the solid state ( Ben Tatman Steven Brown (Physics) Bruker
Microbial sunscreens for better life Abbie Whittock Vas Stavros Lubrizol