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Conferences and presentations

Prof. Tim Bugg

14/1/09 Seminar at Synthetic Plant Products for Industry (SPPI-Net) Workshop, Durham University “Lignin as a target for synthetic biology approaches”

11/9/09 Invited lecture at RSC Bio-Organic Firbush Meeting, Killin, Scotland, Sept 11th-13th 2009, “Oxygenase enzymes involved in bacterial aromatic degradation and lignin degradation”

30/11/09 Talk at IBTI Club dissemination meeting, Birmingham. “Aromatic feedstock chemicals from degradation of lignin”

I will be presenting a poster at the RRB6 Biorefineries Conference, Düsseldorf, Germany, 7th-9th June 2010.

Dr. Andrew Clark

16/6/09 Invited lecture at Bioplastics and Biopolymers conference, the In-Crops Project. 'Polyurethane and polyester bioplastics and biocomposites,' Cambridge.

Dr. Stuart Coles

Dr. Kerry Kirwan

Dr. Kerry Burton

Dr. Dan Eastwood

Dr. Claudia Koncsag

Mark Ahmad

6/4/10 Presented poster on "Development of Novel Assays for Lignin Degradation And Application of Assays to Study Specificity" at RSC Bioorganic Postgraduate Symposium 2009.

23/4/10 Talk at RSC Bioorganic Postgrauate symposium, "Development of A Novel Spectrophotometric Assay For Lignin Breakdown And Charecterisation Of A Novel Bacterial Lignin Peroxidase"

20/10/10 Talk at RSC Young Members Symposium, "Developement of A Novel Spectrophotometric Assay For Ligin Breakdown And Charecterisaion of A Novel Bacerial Lignin Peroxidase"

Dr. Alana Collis