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Meet The Group

Meet The Group

Research Staff


Dr Tania Read

The Development of Boron Doped Diamond Sensors for Real-World Analysis


Dr Joshua Tully

Understanding and Exploiting Electrochemical Etch Mechanisms in Diamond and Graphitic Materials

Dimitrios Valavanis

Electrochemical Nanoprobes for Single-Entity Analysis

Xiangdong Xu

Electrochemical Routes for Nitrogen Reduction

Dr Anna Dettlaff

Visiting Academic

Electrochemical sensors and energy harvesting using diamond-based materials

Dr Katherine Levey

Visiting Academic

PhD Students

Dan Houghton

Assessing Boron Doped Diamond as an Electrocatalyst Support Material

Marlene Hill

Measuring Glucose and other Energy Substrate Levels in Cellular Systems using SICM/SECM

Anjali John

Metal recovery from pharmaceutical flow streams


Manisa Kaewsen

Hydrogen Peroxide Electrochemical Production Strategies


Joshua MagieraLink opens in a new window

Understanding Tooth Decay at the Nanoscale and the Development of Next Generation Treatments


Nafiz Biswas

Transcutaneous Electrochemical Sensing Technology

James Coe

Microscale analysis of industrial processes


Pei Zhao

High-Resolution Imaging of Electrocatalyst Activity

Jordan LeeLink opens in a new window

Understanding how molecules are delivered to biosurfaces from evaporating droplets


Callum Crockford

Environmental Electrochemistry: Development and Application of Electrode Technology for Pollutant Removal from Water Systems


Fengping Tang

Removal of Forever Chemicals Per- and Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substances From Aqueous Environments


George Pryer-Freeman

Development of Advanced Processing Methods for Diamond

Calum Davies

Developing Low-Cost Instrumentation to Enable Citizen Science

Georgina Rhodes

Boron Doped Diamond in High-Pressure High-Temperature Applications

Visiting PhD Students


Vanessa Klobukoski

Development of 3D Printed Electrodes for Voltammetric pH Measurements


William Veloso

Development of Electrochemical Devices with in situ pH Control Using 3D Printing


Noah Al-Shamery


Masters Students


Zhiyang Song

Polymer MSc

Development of Conductive Polymers for 3D Printed Electrodes


Anesa Martin

MRC Doctoral Training Partnership

Hydrogels as electrochemical sensor electrolytes.

URSS Students



PhD Students