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Dr Tania Read

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Dr Tania Read

Assistant Professor 

About Me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, within the Warwick Electrochemistry and Interfaces Group. An analytical chemist by training my career has developed with a focus on electroanalytical sensors for applications ranging from environmental waters to biomedical applications, with experience on both sides of academic-industry collaborations. In particular, I am currently working on the development of electrochemical sensors for point-of-care analysis of key health markers, including blood gases.

Relevant Groups at Warwick

Warwick Electrochemistry And Interfaces Group (Macpherson)


Assistant Professor (Research) 2022-2025, New Methods for Point of Care Analysis of Key Healthcare Markers, University of Warwick. Warwick-Wellcome Translational Partnership Research Fellow 2020-2022, Boron Doped Diamond Sensors for Transcutaneous Blood Gas Analysis in Neonates and Beyond, University of Warwick. Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2019-2020, Boron Doped Diamond sensor development for blood gas analysis, university of warwick. Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2018-2019, Boron doped diamond sensors for biomedical applications, university of warwick. Research Scientist 2016-2018, Electrochemical Medical Sensors, Vivoplex Southampton. PhD 2012-2016, Electroanalytical Applications of Boron Doped Diamond, University of Warwick. Postgraduate Award, Transferable Skills in Science, 2012-2015, University of Warwick. MSc 2011-2012, Analytical Sciences: Methods and instrumental techniques, University of Warwick. BSc (Hons) 2008-2011, Analytical Chemistry, University of Plymouth.