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Prof Julie MacPherson

My research covers a number of application-driven themes centered around electrochemistry, materials science, and development of new instrumental techniques.

(1) Understanding the link between the material properties and electrochemical properties of carbon-based materials

(2) Development of boron doped diamond electrochemical sensors for applications in healthcare and environmental water monitoring.

(3) Metal electrodeposition, fundamentals and applied. Using electrochemistry to control nanostructure formation for applications in sensing, recovery and energy conversion.

(4) Electrochemical advanced oxidation for pollutant removal and electrosynthesis for useful chemical product creation.

(5) Development of new analytical measurement techniques

(6) In-operando spectroelectrochemistry

The group uses a range of electrochemical techniques, but also works with scanned probe and scanning and transmission electron microscopy for high-resolution imaging. Fabrication of proto-type sensors and electrochemical cells is made using 3D printing, laser writing, and lithographic techniques.

I am significantly involved in the UK's first Collaborative Doctoral Training (CDT) Centre in Diamond Science and Technology (DST), I held a Royal Society Industry Fellowship with Element Six (2014-2018), aimed specifically at the development of BDD electrochemical sensors. I was awarded (2017) the Royal Society Innovation award for my work in this area.


For more information on the CDT in Diamond Science and Technology visit

For anyone wanting to get into the use of boron-doped diamond in electrochemistry, please read: A Practical Guide to Using Boron Doped Diamond in Electrochemical Research, PCCP, 2015, 17, 2935 DOI: 10.1039/c4cp04022h

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