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Sebastian Pike Research Group

The Pike Group is an Inorganic Chemistry Research group at the University of Warwick. The group is working on making large metal-oxo cluster molecules which interact with light and can be used as photocatalysts for chemical transformations and to make solar fuels. These intriguing molecular clusters also help us to explain the reactivity on the surface of widely utilised metal oxide materials such as TiO2. We are interested in the similarities and differences between molecules and materials and how size can effect properties. We have diverse interests across Inorganic Chemistry including organometallic reactivity, catalysis, crystallography and materials science.


Thu 28 May '20
Publication in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

Alice and the Williams Group team publish studies on doping ZnO nanoparticles using reactive organometallic precursors. These doped nanoparticles are used in conjuction with Cu nanoparticles for the hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol. Al-doping improves the catalytic ability of these systems.


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