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Free symposium about light at the University of Warwick

Light in Our Lives Symposium-The role of light in science, technology and culture

Date and Location

A Symposium to celebrate UNESCO International Day of Lighton 16thand 17thMay, at the University of Warwick.

The symposium is open to everyone who wishes to attend (free registration), not only for the University of Warwick community.

On each day the sessions will run from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm.

About the Symposium

This event is a multidisciplinary symposium to bring together a vibrant community of academic researchers from different fields to highlight the use of light in the scientific, cultural and sustainability activities.

We hope to stimulate discussions on the use of different types of light to overcome current global challenges such as energy supplies and improvements in the quality of life. “Light in Our Lives” is a great opportunity for us to exchange ideas and initiate collaborative networks between researchers.

This event is sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) and Warwick Cancer Research Centre.




16th May

The Oculus (room OC0.04)

17th May

The Oculus (room OC1.04)


Speaker and Topic

Speaker and Topic

9:30am-10am Tea and coffee (late registration)

The dark side of Light

Dr. Robert Dallmann (University of Warwick)

Designs of luminescent metals in the nanoscale for drug delivery, imaging and detection

Prof. Zoe Pikramenou (University of Birmingham)


Cheap, clean electricity from sunlight for all

Prof. Ross Hatton (University of Warwick)

From organic photochemistry to (bio)degradable and recyclable materials

Dr. Hannes Houck (University of Warwick)


Laser and X-ray light synergy in the pursuit of new knowledge on a cellular level

Dr. Maria Harkiolaki (Diamond Light Source)


Accessing reactive intermediates using visible light

Dr. Aaron Trowbridge (University of Manchester)


Bridging the divide between ultrafast spectroscopy and photothermal materials

Prof. Vas Stavros (University of Birmingham)


Photoactivated diazido platinum complexes for cancer therapy

Dr. Huayun Shi (University of Warwick)

Radionuclide imaging to accelerate preclinical development of light-activated metallodrugs

Dr. Cinzia Imberti (King’s College London)

1:30pm-2pm Tea and coffee

Multi-modal imaging and spectroscopy in medicinal inorganic chemistry

Prof. Peter Lay (University of Sydney-AU)

Highlighting new Fluorescent Molecules and Materials for Theranostics

Prof. Sofia Pascu (University of Bath)


The Rise of the Health, Fitness and UVA Sunbed Industry in Britain (1980s)

Dr. Fabiola Creed (University of Warwick)

Photoelectrochemical Devices for Space Applications

Dr. Katherina Brinkert (University of Warwick)


Sunlight-driven Catalysis for a Sustainable Future

Dr. Motiar Rahaman (University of Cambridge)

Shining New Light on the Mechanisms of Photoredox Catalysis

Dr. Daniel Scott (University of Bath)


Illuminating the molecular structure of clathrin with electrons

Prof. Corinne Smith (University of Warwick)


Wrap-up and Final Remarks

Dr. Rafael C. Marchi

Prof. Peter J. Sadler