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Scientists able to see how potential cancer treatment reacts in single cell

Caption: X-ray fluorescence images taken at the I14 beamline at Diamond Light Source, the green is Zinc, Blue is Potassium, Orange is Osmium and Pink is Bromine Credit: University of Warwick Click image for full article



Science Museum Group featured our stand at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in their article on "Good Engagement Practice"

Science Museum Group article on our stand at the RS SSE in July 2019


Nucleus-targeting iridium-histidine complex featured in International Business Times

 Iridium Albumin Compound

Click image for full article



BBC News covered our novel osmium anti-cancer catalysts worked on by Dr James Coverdale



Iridium compound ZL105 from the Sadler Group was covered by the BBC.

Image result for sadler ZL105

BBC ZL105 article

Warwick iCAST
Our work on iron nanomimeralization in human serum transferrin fibrils

has featured recently on Warwick iCAST:

"New Role For Transferrin. Blood protein forms fibers, releases rust"


Our work on photoactivated platinum anticancer agents has featured recently on Warwick iCAST:

"Light powered platinum more targeted & 80 times more powerful than similar cancer treatments"


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