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LYNC On-Line Information Sessions

Presenting ...

A series of Membership Information Programmes delivered via Lync: Microsoft’s on-line meeting tool on topics of interest to current CIU Members.
The first session was held LIVE on Wednesday 29th September at 2.30 on the subject of:

  • R&D Tax Credits

and was presented by Tony Lord, of Butler, Basford & Lord

Information on obtaining tax rebates on your R&D spend – you’ll be surprised what can be included!

The session was accesible to CIU Members only, on-line, via Lync.   

Additional programmes will be scheduled on a regular basis in the near future.
Topics will include:

  • Auditing Intellectual Property, so that you can understand the amount and value of your IP,
  • The GrowthAccelerator and Manufacturing Advisory Service - a programme which may offer government match funding to
    help selected and ambitious smaller businesses to grow.
  • Match funding to support new product development programmes by Pera Technology’s LEAP programme.

We look forward to you joining us on future CIU Lync programmes.


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