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Diamond Science & Technology News

Tue 02 Oct '18
image DST Seminar: Qubits in diamond: towards new technologies and new physics (Gavin Morley)
11am - 12pm Wednesday 10th October
Materials & Analytical Sciences 2.06
Wed 12 Sep '18
Diamonds are for Everything at Science + Industry Museum

On the 25th August, CDT DST students and staff participated in the Science + Industry Museum ‘Platform for Investigation’ day. These special exhibits days which are held one Saturday a month, invite pioneering scientists studying cutting-edge researc…

Fri 07 Sep '18
Diamonds in Space at Green Man Festival

DST CDT and Aberystwyth University Physics Department at Green Man Festival

Postdoc position at the University of Wisconsin

Two-year postdoc position at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA

The project: exploring new approaches chemical detection and chemical imaging using shallow Nv centers in single-crystal diamond

Diamond Seminar Series

From October to March we host a series of research seminars focussing on diamond materials and related technologies.

Outreach Events

The Diamond Science and Technology CDT makes diamond science accessible via outreach activities.


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