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Tue 04 Dec '18
image DST Seminar: Engineering at the Nanoscale – gaining insight through advanced characterisation
Prof Barbara Shollock
WMG, University of Warwick 1:30-2:30pm
Wednesday 5th December
Materials & Analytical Sciences 2.06

From the gas turbines that power the Airbus to the steels used for cars and food cans, engineering alloys form an important clas…

Mon 26 Nov '18
DST Seminar: Fancy Colored Diamonds: Towards an Understanding of their Color Origin
Ulrika D'Haenens-Johansson
Gemological Institute of America (GIA), New York, USA 1pm - 2pm, Monday 3rd December
Materials & Analytical Sciences (MAS 2.06)

Traditionally, when people think of diamonds as a gemstone they visualize the classic colorle…

Tue 20 Nov '18
image DST Seminar: Nitrogen aggregation in diamond - Matthew Dale, De Beers Technologies
1-2pm Monday 26th November
Materials & Analytical Sciences 2.06

Nitrogen is the most commonly identified impurity in diamond. When diamond is annealed with sufficient temperature, various species become mobile and single nitrogen substitutional atoms…

Mon 12 Nov '18
image DST Seminar: Story of a Puzzle: Another Facet of Diamond - Gwenaelle Lefeuvre, Micronsemiconductor Ltd
2pm - 3pm, Wednesday 21st November
Materials & Analytical Sciences (MAS 2.06)

Although its optical properties are those most often cited and even revered, diamond also possesses characteristics that extend its field of application well beyond luxury…

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