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Fully funded PhD projects based at the University of Warwick, in Diamond Science and Technology for 2023 entry

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The DST CDT are hosting an exciting series of Webinars on different aspects of Diamond Science and Technology. Click here for more details.

rsc Inclusion & Diversity Fund

Do you have a great idea for a project that will help make the chemical sciences community more inclusive and diverse?

The Royal Society of Chemistry offers an Inclusion and Diversity Fund providing financial support for innovative products, activities and research projects that do just that.

Previous recipients of their funding have included projects related to gender, disability, socio-economic background, language, BAME scientists and the LGBT+ community. These have been delivered via initiatives such as data collection and analysis, workshops, conferences and hackathons.

They will consider individual applications up to the value of £5,000. Funding greater than £5,000 may be considered for one project each year. Click this link to find out more.

Past Seminars

Recent DST Publications

Teena Rajan (Cohort 4, Warwick): Ex Vivo Electrochemical pH Mapping of the Gastrointestinal Tract in the Absence and Presence of Pharmacological Agents

Teena S. Rajan, Tania L. Read, Aya Abdalla, Bhavik A. Patel, and Julie V. Macpherson*, ACS Sensors 2020 5 (9), 2858-2865, doi:

Daniel Field (Cohort 4, Bristol):

Crystalline Interlayers for Reducing the Effective Thermal Boundary Resistance in GaN-on-Diamond, Field, D. E., Cuenca, J. A., Smith, M., Fairclough, S. M., Massabuau, F. C. P., Pomeroy, J. W., Williams, O., Oliver, R. A., Thayne, I., & Kuball, M. (2020). ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 12, 54138–54145, doi:

Mixed-size diamond seeding for low-thermal-barrier growth of CVD diamond onto GaN and AlN, E.J.W. Smith, A.H. Piracha, D. Field, J.W. Pomeroy, G.R. Mackenzie, Z. Abdallah, F.C.-P. Massabuau, A.M. Hinz, D.J. Wallis, R.A. Oliver, M. Kuball, P.W. May, Carbon (2020), doi: opens in a new window.

Thermal stress modelling of diamond on GaN/III-Nitride membranes, Cuenca, J. al., Carbon (2020) (10.1016/j.carbon.2020.11.067Link opens in a new window).

Thermal Boundary Resistance of Direct van der Waals Bonded GaN-on-Diamond, Waller, W. M., Pomeroy, J. W., Field, D. E., Smith, E. J. W., May, P. W., & Martin, K. (2020), Semiconductor Science and Technology, 35(9).

GaN-on-diamond technology platform: Bonding-free membrane manufacturing process, Smith, M. D., Cuenca, J. A., Field, D. E., Fu, Y.-C., Yuan, C., Massabuau, F., Mandal, S., Pomeroy, J. W., Oliver, R. A., Uren, M. J., Elgaid, K., Williams, O. A., Thayne, I., & Kuball, M. (2020), AIP Advances, 10(3), doi: opens in a new window

Maabur Sow (Cohort 2, Oxford): High-throughput nitrogen-vacancy center imaging for nanodiamond photophysical characterization and pH nanosensing

Horst Steuer, Sanmi Adekanye, Laia Ginés c, Soumen Mandal, Barak Gilboa a, Oliver A. Williams, Jason M. Smith and Achillefs N. Kapanidis. Royal Societty of Chemistry - Published 26 October 2020 doi: 10.1039/D0NR05931E (Paper) Nanoscale, 2020, 12, 21821-21831

Daniel C Jones (Cohort 3, Imperial):Multidimensional spectroscopy and imaging of defects in synthetic diamond: excitation-emission-lifetime luminescence measurements with multiexponential fitting and phasor analysis

Daniel Christopher Jones, Yuriy Alexandrov, Nathan Curry, Sunil Kumar, Peter M.P. Lanigan, Colin D. McGuinness, Matthew W. Dale, Daniel J Twitchen, David Fisher, Mark Neil, Christopher Dunsby, Paul French - Published 2 October 2020.

Daniel J L Coxon (Cohort 3, Warwick) An Ultrafast Shakedown Reveals the Energy Landscape, Relaxation Dynamics, and Concentration of the N3VH0 Defect in Diamond

Daniel J. L. Coxon, Michael Staniforth, Ben G. Breeze, Simon E. Greenough, Jonathan P. Goss, Maurizio Monti, James Lloyd-Hughes, Vasilios G. Stavros, Mark E. Newton. Published July 2020. Open data .

Sam Cobb (Cohort 1, Warwick), Fraser Laidlaw (cohort 3, Warwick): Assessment of acid and thermal oxidation treatments for removing sp2 bonded carbon from the surface of boron doped diamond

Samuel J. Cobb, Fraser H.J. Laidlaw, Geoff West, Georgia Wood, Mark E. Newton, Richard Beanland, Julie V. Macpheron - Published April 2020 Link opens in a new windowOpen dataLink opens in a new window

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