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Diamond Science & Technology Outreach

img_7818website.jpgThe Diamond CDT team brings together students and academics from across the UK to showcase the wonders of diamond science and technology in a variety of different scientific applications. We are engage in wide ranging outreach activities from visiting schools to taking part in national events such as the Royal Society Summer Exhibition, Royal Institute Science Days, UK Science Festivals.

Through our outreach events we hope to inspire more people to become interested in science and nurture the fascination in the younger generation with the hope that one day they may wish to pursue a career in the sciences.

If you would like the team to visit your school or exhibit with you, please contact us at

Upcoming Events...

Please follow us on twitter @DiamondCDT if you would like to hear about our future outreach activities.


Image courtesy of Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Recent Events:

Featured Outreach Events:

Diamonds are for Everything...

University of Warwick, 10th July 2017

The DST team invited the audience to discover the amazing properties of diamond and where we can use this wonder material in exciting new technologies...

Diamond: more than just a gemstone...

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, July 2016

We were delighted to participate in the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2016. Our exhibit gave the public a unique opportunity to learn about the fascinating properties of diamond, as well as its diverse scientific applications.

Diamonds are for Sensing...

Science Museum, 24th June 2015

The Diamond Science and Technology CDT team and Warwick Electrochemistry and Interfaces group took part in "Lates: the next big thing" at the Science Museum in London. We invited the public to discover why diamond is not just a gemstone...