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DST Outreach

DST Outreach

The Diamond CDT team brings together students and academics from across the UK to showcase the wonders of diamond science and technology in a variety of different scientific applications. We are and have engaged in wide ranging outreach activities from visiting schools to taking part in national events such as the Royal Society Summer Exhibition, Royal Institute Science Days, UK Science Festivals. If you would like the team to visit your school or exhibit with you, please contact us at

Through our outreach events we hope to inspire more people to become interested in science and nurture the fascination in the younger generation with the hope that one day they may wish to pursue a career in the sciences.

Upcoming Events...

Please also follow us on twitter @DiamondCDT if you would like to hear about our future outreach activities.

British Science Week

Llanwern High School (with CDT students from Cardiff and Bristol)
Friday 16th March 2018

What’s going on?: As part of British science week the school are putting on fair where the CDT will be displaying an interactive stall on diamonds.

Super Science Saturday

Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Saturday 12th May 2018 & Saturday 24th November 2017

What’s going on?: Oxford Super Science Saturday is an opportunity for students to show off some of the amazing research that goes on at Oxford, including the work they do with diamonds.

Glasgow Science Festival

When: 15th-16th June 2018
Where: Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow
Audience: All ages

What’s going on?: As part of the Glasgow Science Festival, the CDT have teamed up with the Strathclyde Student Community for Optics, Physics and Engineering (SCOPE) to but on a display at the Kelvingrove Family Weekend at the Kelvingrove Museum. You can come and learn all about how diamond interacts with light compared to other materials, and what in its structure makes it behave this way.

Past Events:

Spooky Science Family Fun Day

The Royal Institution
Saturday 28th October 2017

DST Warwick: Phil Diggle

WEIG: Zoe Ayres

The Diamond Science and Technology CDT were invited to take part in the Spooky Science Family Fun Day held at The Royal Institution on Saturday 28 October 2017. With the theme on “Spooky” science, we took the chance to show off our ice melting demo. Many visitors were invited to try and melt our big block of ice with a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic and aluminium all of which didn’t really make an impact on the ice. Since diamond has the highest known thermal conductivity (how well the material conducts heat), the diamond soon made short work of melting the ice block! The event was attended by 792 members of the public (401 children and 391 adults) and we found ourselves saying hello to many repeat visitors as they continued to be amazed by just one of the fantastic properties of diamond.

Previous Outreach Events:

Diamonds are for Sensing...

Science Museum, 24th June 2015

The Diamond Science and Technology CDT team and Warwick Electrochemistry and Interfaces group took part in "Lates: the next big thing" at the Science Museum in London. We invited the public to discover why diamond is not just a gemstone...