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Diamonds are for Sensing...

DST Outreach

Science Lates: the next big thing

Science Museum, 24th June 2015

The Diamond Science and Technology CDT team and Warwick Electrochemistry and Interfaces group took part in "Lates: the next big thing" at the Science Museum in London. Exhibits ranged from "Whodungit?" to "From Robot Ethics to Ethical Robots".

We invited the public to discover why diamond is not just a gemstone...

Diamond Structure 

Under Pressure: The Truths about Diamond!

Our diamond quiz was a chance to test the knowledge of our new diamond enthusiasts.

Like a Knife Through Butter...

This exhibit demonstrated diamonds' amazing ability to conduct heat. Guests and other exhibitors were keen to get their hands on some diamond to try cutting the ice!

Build Your Own Diamond

Building diamond structures gave our guests the opportunity to discuss everything diamond with our diamond scientists!

Science Lates Panorama