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PhD Project Opportunities and Research Topics

Projects provide full funding of a stipend and UK fees for four years, and include a generous research training support grant. For information on funding click here.

Many of the projects delivered in collaboration with industry and have the possibility of an extended internship/placement in company/partner university research laboratories.

2022 Projects:

If you would like further information, or if you would like to discuss potential PhD projects, please provide contact details and forward your CV to

2021 Projects:
2020 Projects:
2019 Projects:

PhD Opportunities at Associated Institutions:

University of Oxford

 Sensing ions in fluids using nanodiamond trapped in a microcavity

 Room temperature single photon sources in diamond

 Logical operations and control systems for scalable diamond quantum computing

 Cavity-coupled qubits in diamond for networked quantum computing

 Engineering spin qubits for diamond quantum computer chips

 Interactions between point defects in diamond

PhD Projects