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Lunch Break Makes

The aim of the ‘Lunch Break Makes’ project is to provide creative experiences for students, staff and members of the wider community in order to boost confidence in creative skills. In the modern world we live in there is an increasing disconnection with the way things are made. While arts and craft type activities are generally accessible, requirements for equipment and instruction often prove a significant barrier to entry for more advanced activities such as metalworking, woodworking, digital manufacturing, electronics and computer programming.

The Lunch Break Makes project will run a programme of free, short, one hour sessions, held at lunch times, open to all University of Warwick students and staff as well as members of the wider Warwick community. The sessions will offer opportunities to try a range of different creative techniques, leveraging skills from other members of Warwick staff and students as well as bringing in creative ‘makers’ from outside of the University community to run sessions.

Please note: These sessions are intended to be taster sessions for beginners rather than advanced sessions.
Upcoming Sessions
Session Title
Session Leader
Places Available
Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) - Learn the basics of CAD Elisabeth Bishop TBC TBC 8
Introduction to 3D Printing - Learn the basics of 3D printing Elisabeth Bishop TBC TBC 8
Laser Cutting 101 - Learn the basics of laser cutting Elliott Griffiths TBC TBC 8
Make a Mallet - Learn how to make a basic wooden mallet from scrap materials Dr Simon Leigh TBC TBC 4
Soldering On - Get to grips with the basics of soldering  Dr Christopher Purssell TBC TBC 4
Knitting, Not Just for Nans - Learn the basics of knitting  TBC TBC TBC 6
Making with Concrete - Have a go at making a pen pot with concrete  TBC TBC TBC 8
Coppersmithing - Have a go at making a small copper bowl Dr Simon Leigh TBC TBC 4
Wood Carving for Beginners - Have a go at whittling a kitchen spatula Dr Simon Leigh TBC TBC 6
What Does a Lathe Do? - Learn the basics of using a lathe and what it can do Elliott Griffiths TBC TBC 4
Metal Casting - Have a go at casting a metal keyring  Dr Simon Leigh TBC TBC 4
What Does a Bandsaw Do? - Learn the basics of using a bandsaw Dr Simon Leigh TBC TBC 4
Coding for Absolute Beginners - For those with no coding experience TBC TBC TBC 6