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Fire Zones served by 'Tags'

The following areas within the School of Engineering are served by a Fire Zone Tags:

Red ZoneD Block Mezzanine - D002 (Design Laboratory) and D009 (Postgraduate area)


Yellow Zone A Block First Floor - A101 (Postgraduate area), A116 and A116a


Blue ZoneD Block First Floor - D033 (Mezzanine Postgraduate area) and Gait Laboratory (on the ground floor)


Green ZoneF Block First Floor - F112 and F112a (Postgraduate areas)


Any person who is assigned or who is working in the above areas when the Fire Alarm sounds should take the following action:

  • Check the areas that the Tag serves to ensure that all personnel have left.
  • Remove the 'Zone Cleared' Tag from the wall (it will be located in the vicinity on the wall by Velcro)
  • Report with the Tag to the Evacuation Supervisor or member of Security (if out of hours). The Zone Cleared tag will be checked against the Fire Clearance zones and will be ticked off as having been cleared of all personnel.
  • Provide any details of areas where you could not gain access, areas where persons refused to leave or areas where persons have been left in a refuge (potentially requiring assistance to evacuate).

If the 'Zone Cleared' Tag is missing from the vicinity of the areas, report this to the School Facilities Manager or Health and Safety Advisor, who will ensure a new Tag is put back up in the area.