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First Aid in the School of Engineering

In the School of Engineering we aim to work in a manner that is not detrimental to the health and safety of ourselves or others.

However, in the event of an accident or medical emergency there may be a need to summon first aid or other assistance:
Inside normal working hours -The School of Engineering First Aid Poster provide the contact details and usual office location of first aiders in the school. The posters can be found at various locations in the school including on notice boards and at the entrance to laboratories and workshops.
Outside of normal working hours - contact the security office for first aid assistance 22222 (or 02476 522222 from a mobile).
Ambulance required - Should an ambulance be required contact the security office on 22222 (or 02476 522222 from a mobile).

Reporting of Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses

All accidents, incidents and near misses, in particular those accidents requiring first aid treatment MUST be reported to the Health and Safety department via the online Accident/Incident/Near Miss Report Form.

This ensures that all incidents are investigated as necessary to prevent a recurrence or situations worsening and will also ensure that the accident and treatment are logged which could be vital to any future compensation claim.
All absences due to injury or illness sustained on the University premises must be reported to School of Engineering Administration, F339 and if a member of staff, should be indicated on the Sickness Absence form which is available via Human Resources.

First Aid Boxes

All First Aiders are provided with a first aid kits.
In addition, 5 first aid kits are available in communal areas should they be required outside of normal working hours. These include on adjacent to F Block stairwell on floors 0, 2 and 4, as well as outside the Welding bay (opposite Stores) and outside D009d in the rear Engineering hall.

First Aider must check their first aid kits weekly to ensure that their contents are replenished/replaced as necessary. Replacement items can be obtained via the Engineering Stores or via the Building Facilities Manager and Health and Safety Officer. The contents of the communal first kits will be maintained by the Building Facilities Manager and Health and Safety Officer.

Emergency Eye Wash Bottles

Emergency eye wash bottles are available in all areas of the department where there is a residual risk of harmful agents entering the eye. Eye washes are to be checked weekly by first aiders who normally work in those areas.

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Burns Kits

Hydrofluoric acid burns kits are available in the Science City area of the school and also in the engineering stores (A001). Hydrofluoric acid burns kits are to be checked weekly by first aiders

If you notice that there is a problem with any first aid provision (e.g. out of date, missing, damaged etc.) please inform the Building Facilities Manager and Health or Safety Officer.