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Safety Audits and Inspections


School of Engineering


INSPECTIONS - Audits, Hazard Identification and Housekeeping Inspections

1. Definition

In order to monitor workplace safety management it is neccesary to perform regular audits and inspections. Audits of health and safety records are needed to ensure compliance with legislation and also to provide evidence to defend a compensation claim. Hazard indentification inspections identify unsafe conditions in the workplace, which could lead to damage, loss or injury. Housekeeping inspections address the appearance, cleanliness and tidyness of the workplace.

2. Implementation

a. The Health and Safety Department will conduct health and safety inspections and audits and will report the findings to the School Health and Safety Committee. Where an inspection has been conducted by a Health and Safety Advisor, a report of the findings will be sent to the Senior Administrator to discuss how close out actions will be collected. The report will make it clear who will be responsible for close out associated with each area where actions are necessary. A response will be required within 2 weeks in the form of an Action Plan. Failure to produce an Action Plan will result in any actions outstanding from the report being raised with senior members of the management team. Any 'Unsatisfactory' or 'Unacceptable' items will also result in the report being shared with the Director of Health and Safety. See Health and Safety Inspection Rating System which outlines what the ratings mean.

b. Monthly Hazard Identification Inspections should be conducted within the Research areas which should involve one academic working in that area and one technician who is familiar with the work area.

c. Housekeeping Inspections should be performed at least weekly and should involve both technicians and an academic.

d. Reports from inspections will be filed and kept for five years.

e. A yearly report on the results / actions following inspections will be compiled for the School Committee.