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FS team 2012/2013

Body Structure

The bodywork in this competition poses quite a challengeas this year we are trying something new to what previous teams have done. Normally, Warwick Racingteams have made a space frame of steel and attached panels of various materials, most recently a bamboo composite material, to protect the driver from the outside environment. This year, we are exploring different materials and new concepts, attempting to lose weight andimprove performance by creating a monocoque composite body around the driver with a steel space frame at the back. We are also exploring using composite honeycomb panels or aluminium honeycomb panels with either aluminium,carbon fibre or bamboo composite skins on top of the honeycomb. These materials will provide similar strengths to the previous space frame designs. Currently we are involvedin building and testing plaques to provide a baseline of information on these materials which will aid in the FEA modelling analysis which is necessary, not only as part ofthe design process but again is required to make our car eligible to compete, along with developing the concepts further.

Chassis Dynamics

Chassis Dynamics encompasses the design, manufacture and performance of the wheels, brakes, suspension and steering. Our main aim this year is to refine what is fundamentally a good setup inherited from our predecessors. The focus will be on serviceability and reliability, namely access and adjustability of the systems mentioned above and keeping our race weekend failure rate at zero. We aim to reduce part count, cost and weight for a highly-tuned handling setup while at all times keeping driver safety paramount.


After the excellent powertrain package designed and manufactured by last year’s team, this year’s aim will be to build on these foundations and continue to innovate. The main objectives for this year are to complete the E85 fuel conversion, rotate the differential and create a new drivetrain improving the packaging and to incorporate a new ECU system. The objectives will be completed with high regard for both serviceability and reliability.