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Warwick to partner in £11m semiconductor research centre in a boost for the UK’s net-zero industry.

The University of Warwick to partner on a £11m Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) for power semiconductors with a range of industrial partners

The University of Warwick has secured £2m of funding for a REWIRE project. The REWIRE IKC will focus on the development of the next generation of high voltage semiconductor devices using wide and ultra-wide bandgap (WBG/UWBG) compound semiconductors as well as tools for design, yield and reliability to improve the efficiency of semiconductor device manufacture.

Compound semiconductor devices have been recognised in the UK National Semiconductor Strategy as key elements to support the net zero economy through the development of high voltage and low energy-loss power electronic technology. The funding from the UKRI is part of a five year strategy.

The team is made up of researchers from the University of Bristol, the University of Warwick, and the University of Cambridge combining with over 25 industrial partners from across the UK semiconductor supply chain. These industry partners include: Ampaire, BMW, Bosch, Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD), Hitachi Energy, Siemens, ST Microelectronics and Toshiba.

Working together on semiconductor technologies that are at the cusp of commercialisation, the IKC will help cement the UK's position in wide bandgap research and development. The £2M awarded to Warwick will fund collaborative research between leading silicon carbide researchers and key industrial partners in the development of power devices for the automotive and energy sectors.

Speaking on the project, Professor Peter Gammon said: “The REWIRE IKC will leverage the talent of UK research and industry to develop the next generation of power semiconductor technologies. These chips which are the critical unseen technology enabling electric vehicles, renewable technologies, data centres and the grid.”

“The REWIRE IKC will play a prominent role within the UK’s semiconductor strategy, in cementing the UK’s place as a leader in compound semiconductor research and development, developing IP to be exploited here in the UK, rebuilding the UK semiconductor supply chain, and training the next generation of semiconductor materials scientists and engineers,” he added.

Bristol IKC lead Professor Martin Kuball said: “The REWIRE IKC will focus on power conversion of wind energy, electric vehicles, smart grids, high temperature applications, device and packaging, and improving the efficiency of semiconductor device manufacture.”

For further information about the IKC and the REWIRE project, follow the links below;

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