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Metamaterials for Biomedical Imaging – EU research grant for Warwick Academics

Prof. Dave Hutchins and Prof. Peter Thomas have been awarded a grant of £260k as part of an MSCA Doctoral Network (“MetacMed”) under the Horizon Europe programme. The MetacMed network is coordinated by Dr Stefano Laureti from the University of Calabria, Italy, with whom Dave and Peter have collaborated extensively in the past.

The aim of the research is to use metamaterials to enhance medical and health benefits via a series of projects. These include areas such as biomedical diagnostic imaging and therapy, improved orthopaedic implants, passive power generation for biomedical use and better sound insulation in the workplace.

Speaking of the project, Prof. Hutchins said:

“At Warwick we will concentrate on improving ultrasonic imaging using metamaterials within the instrumentation used either to form biomedical images or to monitor the progress of other therapeutic procedures. As Dr Laureti is an Honorary Fellow at the School of Engineering here at Warwick, this grant will help to strengthen our research collaboration.”

Prof. Hutchins has been with the Warwick School of Engineering for over 35 years; his research specialises in the design and fabrication of ultrasonic systems, including transducers and sensors formed by micromachining techniques.

Prof. Thomas is Director of the Fluid Dynamics Research Centre at Warwick; and has been with the School for almost 30 years. His main research interests include the experimental and theoretical investigations of problems in fluid dynamics and of nonlinear mechanical processes in general.

David Hutchins

Prof. Dave Hutchins

Peter Thomas

Prof. Peter Thomas