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Research Group



    • There is a scheme within the School of Engineering to allocate studentships from EPSRC. These cover tuition for UK/EU students for four years and a stipend for 3.5 years. The deadline for application is the end of March for starting the following October. An application includes a research proposal that ideally should align with the proposed supervisor. Contact me if you are interested in including me as your proposed supervisor.
    • I encourage PhD applications by exceptional international (overseas) candidates to the Chancellor's International Scholarship, which covers overseas tuition for four years and a stipend for 3.5 years. There are about 40 awarded per year across the university and they are highly competitive. Applications are due in December for starting the following October. Contact me if you are interested in including me as your proposed supervisor.
    • Externally-funded applicants to the PhD program are welcome. Contact me for more information. The university keeps a directory of scholarship information. Eligible domestic students have a very good chance at securing funding.

    Group Lead

    Dr Adam Noel

    Dr Adam Noel

    (Associate Professor)

    Research Staff

      Name Since Topic(s)
    Dr Ibrahim Isik

    Dr Ibrahim Isik

    (Research Fellow / Visiting Research Fellow)


    Signal Propagation and Information in Microscale Biological Applications (SIMBA)

    Fluid dynamics and signal transport for bacteria

    Postgraduate Research Students

      Name Degree Since Topic

    Yanahan Paramalingam

    Yanahan Paramalingam

    (co-supervision by Freya Harrison and Tara Schiller)

    PhD 2021 Controlling Information Propagation in Biofilms with Molecular Communication

    Mahir Taher

    Mahir Taher

    (co-supervision by Anne Straube)

    PhD 2021 Modelling neuronal trafficking and survival to predict the progression of neurodegenerative diseases
    Mitra Rezaei

    Mitra Rezaei

    PhD 2022 Role of Signal propagation in Organoid Behaviour

    Project Students



    Year Topic
    Kurtis Appiah-Danquah ES327 2023-2024 Comparing computational efficiency in stochastic based reaction-diffusion simulations
    James Lee ES327 2023-2024 Quorum Sensing in 3D: a dynamic visualization of microbial communication in biofilms

    Former Research Staff

      Name Year(s) Topic(s) Current Affiliation
    Dr Hamidreza Arjmandi

    Dr Hamidreza Arjmandi

    2021-2023 Signal Propagation and Information in Microscale Biological Applications (SIMBA) Assistant Professor, University of Birmingham

    Former Research Members

    Name Degree Year Project/Thesis Title
    Ruihan Wei MSc 2023 Talking like bacteria
    Rachel Fearn MScR 2021 Developing an Optogenetic-Detrusor Smooth Muscle Cell Computational Model to Explore the Feasibility of Optogenetic Control of Human Bladder
    Michael Brown MSc 2020 Stochastic Analysis of TCR-pMHCI Pathway and its antagonist PD-L1-PD-1 Pathway Inhibition
    Yuting Fang PhD (ANU) 2019 Cooperative Molecular Communication (co-supervision with Jonas Yang)
    Declan Rooney MSc 2019 Single neuron modelling of deep brain stimulation in neurodegenerative diseases
    Yiran Wang MPhil (ANU) 2018 Reactive Surfaces in Molecular Communication Systems (co-supervision with Jonas Yang)
    Tobias Schwering MSc (IDC) 2016 Molecular Communication in Blood Vessels: A Stochastic Channel Modeling Approach (co-supervision with Robert Schober, Arman Ahmadzadeh, and Vahid Jamali)
    Arman Ahmadzadeh MSc (IDC) 2013 Improving Range of Molecular Communication with Relays (co-supervision with Robert Schober)
    Mokhtar Marzouk Bachelor (IDC) 2013 Distance Estimation for Molecular Communication (co-supervision with Robert Schober)

    Former Research Visitors

      Name Date Topic
    Nadezhda Briantceva

    Nadezhda Briantceva

    PhD Student

    Aug. - Oct. 2023 Fluid dynamics around spheroids in organ-on-chip systems

    Selection of Former Project Students

    Nana Kyei-Baffour (ES327, 2021-2022)

    Mahir Taher (MSc IBR, 2021)

    Jack Kirby (ES327, 2020-2021)

    Raghav Mehta (ES327, 2020-2021)

    Maksim Makerov (ES327, 2019-2020)

    Rachael Fearn (ES327, 2018-2019)

    Hyunseog Lee (ES327, 2018-2019)

    Mahith Pemmaraju (ES327, 2018-2019)

    Jack Ridley (ES327, 2018-2019)