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AcCoRD: Molecular Communication Simulator

AcCoRD (Actor-based Communication via Reaction-Diffusion) is an open source molecular communication simulator. It is also a generic reaction-diffusion solver. Environments can be described with both mesoscopic and microscopic regions. Actors are placed as sources or observers of molecules. Output can be processed in MATLAB to plot signals, generate video, or perform other signal processing.

For user-friendly downloads, instructions, and examples, check out the AcCoRD webpage on this site. The development of AcCoRD is being hosted on Github.

Mendeley Bib-File Fixer

Mendeley Desktop is a citation management tool. Overall, it has good functionality, but the bibtex files that generates have a number of problems, which I describe in detail in this blog post. I wrote a C-code program that corrects these problems, which I have shared on Github. The program addresses my issues and is up to date as of version 1.17.9 of Mendeley Desktop.