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AcCoRD Simulator (Actor-based Communication via Reaction-Diffusion)

This is the public homepage for AcCoRD (Actor-based Communication via Reaction-Diffusion). AcCoRD is a molecular communication simulator and designed as a generic reaction-diffusion solver for flexible system configuration. Actors are placed as sources (i.e., transmitters) or observers (i.e., receivers) of molecules. Environments can be defined with a combination of microscopic and mesoscopic regions. Here are some sample videos generated from AcCoRD output:

Download and Use the Molecular Communication Simulator

To download and install the latest stable version of AcCoRD, please visit the AcCoRD Download page. Every download as of v1.3 includes a complete User's Manual. Basic usage instructions can be found on the How to Use AcCoRD page and its accompanying sub-pages. Sample files for configuring simulation and post-processing in MATLAB can be found on the AcCoRD Examples page.


The AcCoRD Publications page includes the primary AcCoRD journal manuscript. There are links to papers that described preliminary aspects of AcCoRD's design. I also list papers that used AcCoRD directly as a molecular communication simulator.


AcCoRD is in on-going development. The code is open source and available with the "New BSD" license. The latest code and development branches can be found on the Github AcCoRD project page. Existing bugs and planned features are described on the Github AcCoRD Issues page. To report a bug or suggest a feature, you can post on the Issues page or contact me directly.