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Dr Xueyu Geng,  

Assistant Professor

School of Engineering
University of Warwick

Room: F332
Phone: +44 (0)24 765 24737
Fax: +44 (0)24 76 524560

Major Honours & Awards
- 2013 Vice-Chancellor

Research interests:
Dr Xueyu Geng has strongly focused on transportation infrastructure embankment stability analysis and design, ground improvement techniques for soft clay, in-situ testing, instrumentation, retaining structures, geohazards, constitutive and numerical Modeling. Her research work on two vertical drain systems is considered one of most significant contributions to the field of ground improvement for soft clay. Prior to her get back to the UK, she worked in the ARC Center of excellence for geotechnical sciences and engineering spearheaded by University of Newcastle, University of Western Australia and University of Wollongong, Australia. She has published a number of research papers in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings both at national and international level. She is recipient of Robert M. Quigley Award by the Canadian Geotechnical Society for outstanding contribution through article in Canadian Geotechnical Journal in the area of soft soil stabilisation by vacuum consolidation in the area of Ground improvement. She has been actively involved in geotechnical site investigation, full-scale in-situ track monitoring and design of rail infrastructure for both civil and transportation industries and government agencies. She has also played an active role in a number of contract research, testing and consultancy projects in Australia and China. She is also serving as editorial board and reviewer in a number of reputed national and international journals. Research interests:
1. Soil dynamic
2. Ground improvement techniques
3. Numerical modeling of Rail and Road Transportation Systems
4.  Vibration and noise deduction caused by traffic loads
5.  Slope stability

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