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Professor David Towers

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Professor David Towers

Head of School of Engineering 
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

D dot Towers at warwick dot ac dot uk
+44 (0) 24 7652 3246

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David Towers is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the Head of the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick, one of the largest schools of general engineering in the UK.

Research Interests

My work is centred on performing basic and applied research in optical sensing technologies with applications across engineering, industry, the biological sciences and clinical practice. The research is frequently multi-disciplinary and I have active collaborations across these fields.

Teaching Interests

  • Planar Structures and Mechanisms

Selected Publications

  • PARKER, J.E.A. ANGARITA-JAIMES, N. ABE, M. TOWERS, C.E. TOWERS, D.P. MCCALL, P.J. (2015) Rapid localised lethal mode of action of insecticide-treated bednets revealed by infra-red video tracking of Anopheles gambiae, Sci. Rep. 5, 13392; doi: 10.1038/srep13392.
  • FALAGGIS, K. TOWERS, D.P. TOWERS, C.E. (2014) Algebraic solution for Phase Unwrapping Problems in Multi-wavelength Interferometry, Applied Optics 53 (17), pp.3737-3747.
  • FALAGGIS, K. TOWERS, D.P. TOWERS, C.E. (2013) Method of Excess Fractions with Application to Absolute Distance Metrology: Analytical Solution. Applied Optics 52 (23), pp.5758-5765.
  • FALAGGIS, K. TOWERS, D.P. TOWERS, C.E. (2012) Method of excess fractions with application to absolute distance metrology: Wavelength selection and the effects of common error sources. Applied Optics 51 (27), pp. 6471-6479.
  • ZHANG, Z.H. TOWERS, D.P. TOWERS, C.E. (2012) Robust colour and shape measurement of full colour artefacts by RGB fringe projection. Optical Engineering 51 (2), DOI:10.1117/1.OE.51.2.021109. (Invited)
  • ANGARITA-JAIMES, D.A. TOWERS, C.E. TOWERS, D.P. (2012) Three-Component Multi-phase Velocimetry measurements on a GDI spray using optically efficient fluorescent tracers. Experiments in Fluids 52 (4), pp. 949-962. (Invited)
  • FALAGGIS, K. TOWERS, D.P. TOWERS, C.E. (2011) Method of Excess Fractions with application to Absolute Distance Metrology: Theoretical Analysis. Applied Optics 50 (21), pp. 5484-5498.
  • ZHANG, Z.H. MA, H. ZHANG, S. GUO, T. TOWERS, C.E. TOWERS, D.P. (2011) Simple calibration of a phase-based 3D imaging system based on uneven fringe projection. Optics Letters 36 (5), pp. 627-629.
  • ZHANG, Z.H. TOWERS, D.P. TOWERS, C.E. (2010) Snapshot color fringe projection for absolute three-dimensional metrology of video sequences. Applied Optics 49 (31), pp. 5947-5953.
  • DALGARNO, P.A. DALGARNO, H.I.C. PUTOUD, A. LAMBERT, R. PATERSON, L. LOGAN, D.C. TOWERS, D.P. WARBURTON, R.J. GREENAWAY, A.H. (2010) Multiplane imaging and three dimensional nanoscale particle tracking in biological microscopy. Optics Express 18 (2), pp. 877-884.
  • ZHANG, Z.H. TOWERS, C.E. TOWERS, D.P. (2010) Eliminating lateral chromatic aberration of a colour fringe projection system for shape metrology. Optics & Lasers in Engineering, special issue on Fringe Projection Techniques, 48 (2), pp. 159-165.

Projects and Grants

  • FP7 Africa-Health, £325k to Leeds, 2011-2016 project reference Health-F3-2011-265660, ‘AvecNET’ Leeds; Principal Investigator: Prof Dave Towers, Co-investigator: Dr Catherine Towers Overall Programme Lead: Dr Hilary Ranson, Dr Philip McCall, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. To investigate optical techniques and quantitative data analysis to understand mosquito behaviour in sub-Saharan dwellings in order to design more effective controls of malaria transmission.
  • MRC MR/K015613/1, Super resolution imaging of protein dynamics and functions in physiology and disease, 2013-2017; Investigators: Prof Michelle Peckham (PI), Prof Dave Towers. To develop new tools for super-resolution microscopy offering new combinations of temporal and spatial resolution.
  • MRC MR/M011941/1, Peri-domestic behaviour of African malaria vectors and the impact of insecticides, 2015-2018;
    Investigators: Dr Philip McCall (PI, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine), Prof David Towers, Dr Catherine Towers (University of Warwick),
    Dr Fabian Mashauri (National Institute for Medical Research, NIMR, Mwanza, Tanzania).
  • MRC Tropical Infectious Disease Consortium, 2014-2016 – Confidence in Concept (CiC) award: Novel bednet designs to improve insecticide-treated net efficacy and combat insecticide resistance. Investigators: Dr Philip McCall (PI, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine),
    Prof David Towers, Dr Catherine Towers (University of Warwick).
  • British Scoliosis Research Foundation, £37.5k, 2013-2015; Investigators: Prof Dave Towers, Dr Catherine Towers, Prof Peter Millner, Prof Richard Hall, Dr Mark Elliott, Dr David Cairns, Dr Tim Lee. To investigate the relationships between pulmonary function, chest wall dynamics and surgical outcomes of idiopathic scoliosis patients.

Previous Projects

  • EPSRC Bridging the Gap, £22.5k, 2012; Investigators: Prof Dave Towers, Dr Catherine Towers, Prof Paul Millner, Prof David Jayne (newly appointed NIHR Professor, Leeds Institute for Molecular Medicine). To investigate the use of nanoparticles with diffuse optical sensors for increased sensitivity to cancer. A collaboration between engineering, biological science and medicine.
  • EPSRC EP/G032483, £122k, Proof of Concept project, 2011-2012, Optical Diagnostics for Over-Active Bladder; Joint Principal Investigators: Dr Catherine Towers, Prof Dave Towers. To develop fibre based sensors for diagnosis of over-active bladder in vivo.
  • EPSRC EP/G032483, £4.8M, 2009-2014 Innovation and Knowledge Centre in Regenerative Therapies and Devices; Principal Investigator: Prof John Fisher, 36 Co-investigators. To accelerate the development and early adoption of therapies and devices into clinical practice.