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Dr Jose Luis Osorio-Tejada

Dr Jose Luis Osorio-Tejada

Assistant Professor 

Jose dot Osorio-Tejada at warwick dot ac dot uk
+44 7727959525

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Dr Jose Osorio Tejada is an assistant professor (research focused) at the School of Engineering. He joined the School in 2021 to work as a research fellow on the life cycle impacts of fertilisers and other chemicals produced in plasma reactors supplied by renewable energy. This research is supported by the ERC Synergy Grant “Surface-COnfined fast modulated Plasma for process and Energy intensification” (SCOPE), from the European Commission.

He got his BSc in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira (Colombia) in 2009. He worked for four years in the automotive industry before obtaining, in 2012, the Fundación Carolina scholarship to pursue his MSc in Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development at the Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain). He completed his doctoral studies at the Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) in 2018, where his research focused on the environmental, social, and socioeconomic life cycle assessment of road freight transport and alternative fuels. Then, he worked for two years as a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira before joining the University of Warwick.

Research Interests

  • Environmental and social life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Circular economy
  • Techno-economic analysis (TEA)
  • Green fertilisers
  • Sustainable freight transport
  • Alternative fuels, renewable energy, and green hydrogen
  • Electrochemical and plasma-assisted chemicals production

Teaching Interests

Selected Publications

  • Osorio-Tejada J, Escribà-Gelonch M, Vertongen R, Bogaerts S, Hessel V. (2024) CO2 conversion to CO via plasma and electrolysis: a techno-economic and energy cost analysis. Energy & Environmental Science.
  • Osorio-Tejada J, Llera-Sastresa, E, Scarpellini, S. (2024) Environmental assessment of road freight transport services beyond the tank-to-wheels analysis based on LCA. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 1-31
  • Osorio-Tejada J, Rebrov E, Hessel V. (2023) Internalisation of environmental costs of decentralised nitrogen fertilisers production. Int J Life Cycle Assessment.
  • Villota-Paz J, Osorio-Tejada J, Morales-Pinzón, T. (2023) Comparative life cycle assessment for the manufacture of bio-detergents. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 30 (12), 34243-34254
  • Osorio-Tejada J, van't Veer K, Long N, Tran N, Fulcheri L, Pati, B, Bogaerts A, Hessel V. (2022) Sustainability analysis of methane-to-hydrogen-to-ammonia conversion by integration of high-temperature plasma and non-thermal plasma processes. Energy Conversion and Management, 269, 116095
  • Osorio-Tejada J, Llera E, Scarpellini S, Morales-Pinzon T. (2022) Social Organizational Life Cycle Assessment of Transport Services: Case Studies in Colombia, Spain, and Malaysia. Sustainability, 14 (16), 10060
  • Osorio-Tejada J, Varon-Hoyos M, Morales-Pinzon T. (2022) Comprehensive Water Footprint of a University Campus in Colombia: Impact of Wastewater Treatment Modeling. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 233 (5), 1-25.
  • Osorio-Tejada J, Tran N, Hessel V. (2022) Techno-environmental assessment of small-scale Haber-Bosch and plasma-assisted ammonia supply chains. Science of The Total Environment, 826, 154162.
  • Osorio-Tejada J, Ferlin F, Vaccaro L, Hessel V. (2022) Life cycle assessment of multistep benzoxazole synthesis: from batch to waste-minimised continuous flow systems. Green Chem.,24, 325-337.
  • Tran N, Osorio-Tejada J, Asrami M, Srivastava A, Laad A, Mihailescu M, Costa A, Rebrov E, Tuong-Lai V, Phan P, Butler G, Hessel V. (2021) Economic Optimization of Local Australian Ammonia Production Using Plasma Technologies with Green/Turquoise Hydrogen. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 9, 48, 16304–16315.
  • Varon-Hoyos M, Osorio-Tejada J, Morales-Pinzon T. (2021) Carbon footprint of a university campus from Colombia. Carbon Management, 12:1, 93-107.
  • Osorio-Tejada J, Llera E, Scarpellini S, Hariza A. (2020) An integrated social life cycle assessment of freight transport systems. The Int. Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 25, pp. 1088–1105
  • Osorio-Tejada J, Llera E, Hariza A. (2018) Well-to-Wheels approach for the environmental impact assessment of road freight services. Sustainability, 10(12)
  • Osorio-Tejada J, Llera E, Scarpellini S. (2017) Liquefied natural gas: could it be a reliable option for road freight transport in the EU? Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 71, pp. 785-795
  • Osorio-Tejada J, Llera E, Scarpellini S. (2017) A multi-criteria sustainability assessment for biodiesel and liquefied natural gas as alternative fuels in transport systems. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 42, pp. 169–186

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