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Professor in Electronics (Communications)


School of Engineering
University of Warwick
T:   01462819907

Research Interests

Research interests:
Photonic Systems including Optical Wireless Communications, 3D Optoelectronic Components and Systems. Photonic Communications Systems Modelling.
More information: Communications and Signal Processing


Roger J. Green is a current member of the Communications Group, and is also a member of the Advanced Imaging and Measurement Laboratory. He is research active in subject areas concerned with photonic devices and systems, communications, and signal processing.
He holds patents which have been responsible for two University spin-off companies : Shibden Limited and Optical Antenna Solutions.
He is a member of the Architecture Council of the Infrared Data Association (IrDA), is a member of the Heads and Professors of Electrical Engineering group within the Engineering Professors Council, and is a member of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee. He has supervised to successful completion over 60 PhD students to date, and is co-supervisor for 5 Ph.D. students during the academic year 2015/16.

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