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Dr Stan Shire

Dr Shire giving a presentation

Dr Stan Shire

Associate Professor 
Reader in Sustainable Energy Systems
Leader of the Mechanical, Materials and Process Discipline Stream

G dot S dot F dot Shire at warwick dot ac dot uk
+44 (0) 24 7652 3118



Stan is Associate Professor of Sustainable Energy Systems in the School's Mechanical, Materials and Process Engineering stream. His work is based around engineering systems for efficient use of low to medium temperature heat.

Research Interests

Current research includes the use of thermochemical reactions for heat recovery, storage and upgrading. He also works on solar energy systems (both thermal and PV), phase change materials and thermally driven cooling technology. Work on Solar Energy, Thermal Systems and Energy Storage is central to much of the research carried out within the University of Warwick's Global Research Priority (GRP) on Energy, for which Stan is the academic thematic lead for Heating & Cooling.

The Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies research group undertakes research and design in low carbon energy technologies essential to underpin a sustainable built environment. A recent £2M investment from InnovateUK for the extension and refurbishment of our laboratories has brought new capabilities in many areas of analysis. Our facilities and capabilities brochure gives an indication of the equipment we have and what we can do.

A highlight of the research in which Stan has been involved is Warwick's flagship project I-STUTE, one of EPSRC's centres for End Use Energy Demand. This work is now being built upon by the award of a program grant LoT-NET, which aims to develop the technologies required to enable low temperature heat networks.

Current research projects include:

Previous research projects have included:

Teaching Interests

  • ES2C5 Dynamics & Fluid Mechanics
  • ES3B5 Engines & Heat Pumps
  • ES4E0 Renewable Energy

Selected Publications

Projects and Grants

Title Funder Award start Award end
Low Temperature Heat Recovery and Distribution Network Technologies (LoT-NET) (Full) EPSRC 01 Jan 2019 31 Dec 2024
Heat Pump Fully Integrated with Thermochemical Store (HP-FITS) EPSRC 01 Oct 2020 30 Sep 2024
DEcarbonisation of Low TemperAture Process Heat Industry - DELTA PHI EPSRC 01 Oct 2020 30 Sep 2023
Sorption Heat Pump Systems EPSRC 01 Jun 2020 31 Aug 2022
Self-Powered Active Cooling and Cleaning for Solar PV Efficiency Improvement EPSRC 01 Jun 2019 30 Sep 2021
Thermal Energy Research Accelerator (T-ERA) Technology Strategy Board 01 Apr 2016 31 Mar 2021
MANIFEST: Multi-scale ANalysIs for Facilities for Energy STorage EPSRC 30 Sep 2016 29 Sep 2020
Small Smart Sustainable Systems for future Domestic Hot Water (4S-DHW) EPSRC 01 Mar 2016 30 Nov 2019
Industrial Demand Reduction through Innovative Storage Technologies EPSRC 01 Dec 2014 31 May 2017
High performance vacuum flat plate solar thermal collectors for hot water and process heat EPSRC 07 Jan 2013 06 Jan 2016
PCM store optimised for integration with domestic heat pumps (HPTS) Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) 01 Oct 2012 31 Dec 2012
RESEARCH CONTRACT: Solar Panel Consultancy & Testing work CKSOLAR LTD 28 Jun 2011 21 Nov 2011

PhD projects

Applications are welcomed from those wishing to study towards a PhD and can be via the online application system. Applicants should include a description of the proposed research topic, which can be discussed prior to submission of the application. It may be beneficial (in terms of available resource) for proposed PhD study to be aligned with the topic of a current research project. Please have a look at the web pages for the Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies research group for some background into the sorts of thing in which we are interested.

Views from recent STET graduates:
Some examples of general areas for PhD research topics:
  • thermal energy storage (domestic/ industrial/ grid scale)
  • district heating systems (technologies/ controls)
  • integration & utilisation of solar thermal systems
  • industrial waste heat

Examples of undergradute student projects

What are project students doing now?:

Sally Biddlecombe went on to work in sustainability with Arup's building services team.

Rob Sharpley went on to work with chocolate (-another type of phase change material!) for Nestle.