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Enhancing Research Culture

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Progress has been made in the last two decades to inspire people from all backgrounds to follow careers linked to research and innovation in STEM fields. It is just as important as creating interest in STEM among pupils and undergraduate students, to achieve and retain diversity at later stages, from postgraduate study and beyond. This will not happen without collective consciousness via relationships, experiences, new and equal opportunities.

In 2022 the project 'Reimagining a STEM Research Culture: Lessons Learnt from 20 years of Evolution for Inclusive Representation in Science and Engineering' investigated why women, people with disabilities and those from ethnic minorities or socially disadvantaged groups are consistently underrepresented, particularly at senior levels, in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

A second project 'Towards a Warwick STEM R&D People and Culture Hub: Empowering People's Voices' embraces the vision of the first project and empowers people's voices via a series of virtual and on-campus events, videos and case studies that will celebrate and showcase impactful research, and encourage access to, and participation in, research for underrepresented groups.

These projects are funded by the University of Warwick and carried out by Prof Georgia Kremmyda, Dr Jenny Spiga and Ms Stephanie Connah, in partnership with different universities and networks.