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Metrology Laboratory

The Metrology laboratory is equipped with a suite of precision instruments for surface characterisation, to support the research of the Precision Engineering and Surfaces Laboratory.

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3d Optical Microscope (Bruker ContourGT)

Bruker Contour

Using Bruker's proprietary white light interferometry the Contour provides exceptional roughness and 2D/3D measurement capabilities with a wide range of applications. Vertical resolution is independent of magnification and the motorized x/y stage enables automated stitching to measure across larger areas.

  • Use for 2-D / 3-D Profile measurements.

  • Fast, non-contact measurement.

  • Outstanding vertical resolution and range, independent of magnification.

  • Stitching capability to measure larger areas.

  • x/y stage 150 mm

  • 640 x 480 px image size.

  • Vertical resolution ~1nm

  • Maximum vertical range >3 mm.

  • Max lateral resolution 0.0975 μm @100x magnification (FOV 62 x 46 μm)

  • Lateral resolution @2.75x magnification 3.4 μm (FOV 2.29 x 1.71 mm)

Stylus Profiler (Bruker DekTakXT)

Bruker DekTak

Stylus profiler for measuring 2-D surface profiles with 3-D measurement and analysis capabilities

  • 2-D profile measurements
  • 3-D capability.
  • Stylus force 1 – 15 mg
  • 2 μm or 0.2 μm diameter stylus
  • x/y stage 150 mm
  • Vertical resolution 1Å(@6.5um range)
  • Maximum vertical range 1 mm
  • Maximum scan length 55mm (200 mm with stitching)

Nano Hardness Tester (Anton Paar NHT2)

Anton Paar NHT3

Low load force indenter with nanometer depth measurement resolution for the measurement of hardness, elastic modulus, creep etc.

                        • Use for measurement of hardness, elastic / plastic properties etc.
                        • Max load 500mN
                        • Load resolution 0.02 μN
                        • Max depth 200 μm
                        • Depth resolution 0.01 nm

Atomic Force Microscope (Bruker Dimension Edge)

Bruker AFM X-Y scan range 100 μm, vertical range 10 μm

Tensile Testers (Tinius Olsen 25 ST and Hounsfield H1KS)

Tinius Olsen 25ST tensile tester H1KS Tensile Tester

Tensile and Compressive testing with a maximum capacity of 25 KN and 1 KN respectively. For very low forces we also have a 5 N load cell for the H1KS.