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Research facilities

The School of Engineering has access to an impressive range of research facilities, workshops and laboratories. Our equipment enables cutting-edge research to be carried out, as well as providing students with opportunities to familiarise themselves with engineering equipment which they will go on to find in the workplace.

Technical Services and Engineering workshop teams

The Engineering Technical Services team provides comprehensive and flexible support for the preparation and manufacture of a whole array of teaching equipment, research rigs, and student projects. Our experienced and well-qualified technical services staff work with academic and research staff in support of their research and teaching activities.

Research laboratories

The School continually invests in capital equipment and research facilities in support of both research and teaching activities. Some of our equipment is funded through major research grants for specific research programmes, whilst other facilities are strategically funded by the School or University.

Further information about our research equipment and expertise can be found in the web pages for each research area – see below for links and full list.