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Etching and Wet Processing

The cleanroom is equipped to perform etch removal processes using acid (wet etch) and plasma (dry etch) techniques. The facility is also equipped for other wet processing, such as wafer cleaning.


Wet Etching

  • Full range of acid chemistries for etching SiC, Si and InSb substrates, metals and dielectrics. Hot plate and water baths for warm and hot acid processes.

Person working at acid bench

Dry Etching

  • Corial 200IL ICP dry etch system incorporating fluorinated and chlorinated chemistry. Integrate laser end point detection (EPD) for etch monitoring.
  • L&B Semiconductor Soln Ltd oxygen plasma ash system.

Person working at ICP etcher


Other Wet Processing

  • Two extracted wet stations for acid etching (including hot acid processes i.e RCA). One wet station for alkaline processing. Type 1 (18.2MΩ) DI water in all wet stations.
  • Two extracted cabinets for solvent cleaning and lift off processes.