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Perceptions of medical devices in sub-Saharian Africa

Alessia Maccaro, WIRL COFUND of the Institute of Advanced Study of the University of Warwick, member of the Applied Biomedical and Signal Processing Intelligent E-Lab directed by professor Leandro Pecchia is just arrived in Bénin (Sub-saharan Africa) were she'll do her field study. Some surveys about ethical perceptions of medical devices according to local culture have already done with the poorest women of the villages of the southern part of Benin. Help others is not only give, but also try to understand their real needs and look for new possibilities that could be compatibles and acceptable by their own culture.

Alessia in Africa

Alessia Maccaro in BeninAlessia Maccaro in BeninAlessia Maccaro in Benin.

Wed 27 Nov 2019, 14:54 | Tags: Clinical Engineering, #GlobalCEDay