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Biomedical and Biological Engineering

Biological and biomedical Bio wordcloud

The Challenges

In Biomedical & Biological Systems the focus is primarily on challenges in biomedical engineering and biological sciences. We deal with both basic research in biomedical systems as well as in fundamental issues of health and wellbeing.

Our Research

Problems in fundamental research of humans, human systems and healthcare are interspersed with very applied projects around the design, development and deployment of assistive technologies and rehabilitation techniques. Various specialties combine together through mathematical modelling, systems engineering, signal processing along side anatomy, physiology, pharmacology - applied to various conditions and research goals.

Our Laboratories

The Research Group is organised into four research laboratories:

Associated Centres

WISB delivers an integrated, internationally leading programme of research, innovation and training for synthetic biology. WISB is a BBSRC/EPSRC funded Synthetic Biology Research Centre (SBRC), supported through the UK Research Councils' Synthetic Biology for Growth programme.

The EPSRC & BBSRC Synthetic Biology Centre for Doctoral Training (SynBioCDT) is a 4-year doctoral programme that offers training in the new field of Synthetic Biology, the “Engineering of Biology”. This centre is a collaboration between the Universities of Oxford, Bristol and Warwick.

The Biomedical Engineering Institute is a Centre that brings together broad research capabilities in the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick and beyond, in the field of biomedical engineering. Staff at BMEI work on a breadth of cross-cutting problems underpinning real-world applications in the field of biomedicine, across a spectrum of perspectives from fundamental science to technological device development.