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Successful Health and Innovative Manufacturing & Future Materials GRP funding grant award for Dr Davide Piaggio, Dr Alessia Maccaro and Dr Luis Montesinos

We are delighted to announce the successful award (5000 GBP) from Health and Innovative Manufacturing & Future Materials Global Research Priorities (GRP), which offer seed funding for projects relative to improving and increasing access to health globally, as well as those relative to improving and reducing the impact of manufacturing.

The funding will be awarded for the project ‘Sustainability of the medical devices throughout their lifecycle’ led by Dr Davide Piaggio, Dr Alessia Maccaro, and Dr Luis Montesinos (Tecnologico de Monterrey), with the support of the European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organizations and Longevity Partners.

The project will assess the current state of the art and gaps in terms of sustainability in the lifecycle of medical devices, paving the way for a set of priorities for improvement of this sector. Many other industrial sectors, such as automotive manufacturing with Tata Motors and Tesla, or the software one with Microsoft have pioneered these changes for several years. Conversely, the medical device industry is still rather unsustainable, with almost 60% of the professionals within the sector admitting that not enough advancements have been made towards the sustainability goals. This project also aims to strengthen the inter-university collaboration between the University of Warwick (UK) and Tecnologico de Monterrey.