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ABSPIE seminar series

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WHO-CED COVID19 Critical Topic Webinars: CPAP/BIPAP

12.05.2020, 13-14, Zoom (link below)

Micro-Global Forum sessions on COVID19 set up by WHO (Adriana Velazquez).
We've joined forces with WHO to offer you frequent focused global conversations on key applied topics where the evidence base is shared, reviewed, and applied, particularly to address LMIC emerging needs. The purpose of these micro-forums is to give CEs the management information to pass on to senior stakeholders to showcase what solutions have worked elsewhere.

More information is available on the IFMBE CED website and WHO one.

The recording are available here:

  1. Intro, Adriana Velazquez (WHO), Tom Judd (IFMBE CED Chair), Cathy Blanc-Gonnet (HUMATEM in France), Abderrahim Farid Benhagoug (AFIB)
  2. "Global need of priority medical devices for COVID-19" Adriana Velazquez (WHO)
  3. "Chrono Physio-Pathology of COVID-19 Pulmonary Infection", Prof Gilles Dhonneur (Curie Cancer Institutes of Paris)
  4. "CPAP anc COVID-19 in Africa: the case of Benin" (Pascal Soroheye, Ministry of Health Benin)
  5. Q/A1 (Moderator: Joel Delode
  6. Q/A2 (Moderator: Joel Delode
Tue 05 May 2020, 13:50 | Tags: Clinical Enginering, LMIC, COVID, Medical devices