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COST Action TD1301 Development of a European-based Collaborative Network to Accelerate Technological, Clinical and Commercialisation Progress in the Area of Medical Microwave Imaging

One of the most promising emerging medical imaging modalities is Microwave Imaging (MWI), which is a low-power, low-cost, non-ionising imaging modality and also has therapeutic capabilities. Most of this MWI research to date has been accomplished in simulation and laboratory studies, with only limited translational research into the clinical environment.

European researchers have been at the forefront of the development of MWI. With respect to medical applications, these (mostly independent) efforts have lead to the design of several microwave-based imaging devices, most of which are currently undergoing or poised for clinical trials. Such a reserve of knowledge constitutes a unique opportunity for European researchers to leverage existing experience and expertise to streamline the transition from simulation/phantom testing to full clinical trials and clinical adoption of MWI devices.

Dr Pecchia was invited to give HTA seminaires, workshops and lectures during the 7th meeting for MC, WG and Workshop (Belgrade, March 2016) and during the "European Training School on Health Technology Assessment", organised in Rome in March 2016.

Wed 28 Jun 2017, 12:23 | Tags: HTA, medical device