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Biomedical and Biological Systems Laboratory

Members of the Laboratory perform multi-disciplinary research work in terms of innovative theoretical studies and applications to a wide range of problems in biomedicine, biology and pharmacokinetics. Their research work is supported by state-of-the-art resources that facilitate experimental work on human motion, cells and soft tissue, with associated computational activities related to modelling and analysis.

There has been longstanding and ongoing activity in the systems modelling and analysis of biomedical, biological and pharmacokinetic processes using compartmental modelling and other techniques in system dynamics, non-linear systems theory, control theory and stochastic analysis. Examples of applications of these techniques include: cochlear implants; dialysis scheduling; control of glucose and insulin levels in diabetes; kinetics and dynamics of anti-cancer agents; transmission and control of mastitis in dairy cows; and bacterial biosynthesis.

The laboratory has recently initiated exciting new activities in the areas of muscular-skeletal dynamics, the visualisation and analysis of metal ions in tissues (with particular application to disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s) and the application of metrology to cell deformation. There is also research in the new interdisciplinary field of nanobioengineering which bridges biomechanics, nanotechnology, microfabrication, biomaterials and medicine for developing the next-generation of therapies. Activity in this area includes nanomanipulation of soft biological materials using advanced techniques such as optical tweezers and the application of microfabrication techniques for cell and tissue engineering. Other work includes novel applications of a combination of techniques including ultrasound and optical detection for bone investigation as well as the use of imaging technologies for the early detection of the onset of plant pests and diseases. Collaborations exist with a wide variety of researchers including hospital, university and industry based research teams from around the world.