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SiC Materials Growth and Characterisation

The PEATER Group hosts one of the UK’s only industrial SiC CVD reactors in an ISO class 5 cleanroom . The facility can produce low defect, p and n-doped SiC layers for use in power electronics devices.

Warwick ACiS M8 SiC CVD

Warwick ACiS M8 SiC CVD

  • Industry standard; Sizes up from 10x10mm chips to 150mm wafer
  • Thin, thick and super thick (0.1-120µm) epitaxial layers
  • Multilayer (p(Al) and n(N)) in one run
  • Wide range of doping values (5e14cm-3 to 2e19cm-3)
  • Fast turnaround heat up / cool down
  • Growth rate: up to 90 µm/h
  • Feedback for defects, stress, crystallinity, surface roughness, carrier lifetime, carrier mobility etc available.
  • Physical characterisation using TEM, AFM, FIB, AFM, XPS, XRD techniques.
  • Typical thickness and doping uniformity are 0.5% and 20% respectively.

For more details, contact Vishal Shah.