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Photoemission RTP

Availability Calendars

Kratos Axis Ultra DLD

Omicron Multiprobe / ARPES 

Instrument details

Kratos Axis Ultra DLD

Our high-throughput XPS/UPS instrument with imaging mode, inert sample transfer, in-situ sample preparation and depth profiling.

Omicron Multiprobe / ARPES

Our surface science system, including XPS, UPS, ARPES, LEED and in-situ depth profiling and sample preparation facilities.

Facility Publications

An overview of previous work done using the system and resulting publications

Applying for experimental time


User Training

Training is available for more regular users of the Facility.

Useful Links and Useful Papers

Background information on photoemission and some useful tools for data analysis.

Photoemission RTP Personnel

For further information, please e-mail the RTP Manager, Marc Walker.

The UK Surface Analysis Forum

Information on the UK Surface Analysis Forum which holds twice-yearly meetings on various topics in surface analysis.


About the RTP

The Warwick Photoemission RTP comprises two complementary instruments for analysis of the composition and chemistry of surfaces. Both are equipped with monochromated XPS, UPS and in-situ sample preparation facilities. Our Omicron Multiprobe instrument has capabilities for in-situ gas exposures or depositions, and is connected to a chamber equipped with both ARPES and LEED. Our Kratos Axis-Ultra DLD instrument is equipped with UPS, monochromated XPS and also imaging XPS, allowing element-specific images on the micron scale to be acquired.