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Power Electronics Applications Lab



The Power Electronics Applications Lab is lead by Professor Li Ran.

Power electronics plays increasingly important roles in the changing landscapes of electrical power generation and consumption, and the power grids between generation and consumption. Applications of power electronics are being actively pursued worldwide for advanced control functionalities and many of such studies assume ideal switches for power semiconductor devices.

With the devices physics, design and fabrication expertise and facilities at Warwick, our research aims to address, through the development and usage of next generation wide band gap devices, some of the fundamental concerns in power electronic systems: cost, efficiency and reliability etc.

Current research projects and areas include:
  • Application of Wide Band Gap Devices for Electric Vehicle Drives and Associated Systems
  • Application of Wide Band Gap Devices for Grid Applications: MMC HVDC, STATCOM, Fault Current Limiter, Solid State Circuit Breakers
  • Reconfigurable Electrical Power Distribution Networks Enabled by Power Electronics
  • Advanced Packaging Technologies for Customised Power Electronics
  • Reliability and Operational Management of Power Electronics Systems
  • Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems
  • Industrial Power Systems and Drives Studies
  • Power Electronics and Control for Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Press Pack SiC MOSFET and Si IGBT to Suit Grid Applications