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Electrical Power

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The Challenges

The Electrical Power Research Group at Warwick is set up to conduct internationally leading research and drive for cutting edge technology development in tackling the great challenges in power generation, energy conversion, distribution, transmission and efficient use of energy.

Our Research

Our research is supported by state-of-the-art research facilities in three research laboratories: Power Electronics, Applications and Technology in Energy Research (PEATER) Laboratory, Power and Control Systems Research laboratory and Power Electronics Applications Lab.

The group’s expertise covers power electronic devices (SiC, fabrications, packaging, reliability, modelling and simulation), power electronics applications, drives and control, power system modelling and control, compressed air energy storage, wind power generation, HVDC, hardware-in-the-loop modelling, simulation and control.

The group has strong links with industry and works with, amongst others, the following companies: Dynex Semiconductor Ltd., Eltek Semiconductors Ltd. E.ON., Alstom, Jaguar Land Rover, AVL, National Grid, GE Energy. The group also has links and conducts collaborative projects with other Universities in the UK and internationally.

Laboratories and Projects

Power Electronics, Applications and Technology in Energy Research (PEATER) Laboratory - Led by Professor Phil Mawby

Power and Control Systems Research Laboratory - Led by Professor Jihong Wang

Power Electronics Applications Lab – led by Professor Li Ran

Power Electronics Reliability Characterization Lab - led by Professor Layi Alatise

The Electrical Power group is part of the Electrical and Electronic Stream
Academic Staff

Prof. Phil Mawby

Prof Peter Gammon

Prof. Layi Alatise

Prof. Li Ran

Prof. Jihong Wang

Dr Oleh Kiselychynk

Dr Vishal Shah

Dr Marina Antoniou

Dr Jose Ortiz-Gonzalez

Dr Mark Dooner

Support Staff

Mr Andrew Graham

Research Staff