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Fluid Dynamics Seminars, 2010

Fluid Dynamics Seminar
Fluid Dynamics Research Centre
University of Warwick


February 3th: Computation of gas phase radiation effects regarding planetary entry
Dr Jim Merrifield (Fluid Gravity Engineering Ltd)

February 17th: Action in biological systems within which chemical search is presented as a special case of diffuse control process (Abstract)
Dr. Endre Kadar (University of Portsmouth)

March 3th: Rotating magneto-convection: Role of vertical magnetic field and rotation
Dr Mirza Baig (University of Warwick)

May 19th: Vesicle dynamics in external flow ( Abstract )
Dr Vasily Kantsler ( DAMTP, University of Cambridge )

May 26nd: Individual to population models of swimming micro-organisms in fluid flow ( Abstract )
Dr Rachel Bearon ( University of Liverpool )

June 2nd: Aircraft Dynamics
(for example, wing-rock oscillations which are relevant for the jet fighters at high anle of attack)
Dr Nikolay Abramov ( De Montfort University, Leicester )

June 9th: DNS of shear-induced drag reduction ( Abstract )
Dr Gary Coleman (School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton)

June 16th: Risk assessment and interventional planning for cerebral disease: Simulation of transport phenomena for personalized medicine ( Abstract )
Prof Yiannis Ventikos ( Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford )

October 20th: Boundary-layer stability on rotating disks and cones ( Abstract )
Prof. Rebecca Lingwood (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm, Sweden)

October 26th: Freak Waves in the Ocean: Facts, Theories and Modelling ( Abstract )
Prof. Efim Pelinovsky (Department of Nonlinear Geophysical Processes, Institute of Applied Physics, Russia)

October 27th: Statistical characteristics of long waves nearshore ( Abstract )
Dr. Irina Didenkulova (Institute of Cybernetics, Tallinn, Estonia)

December 1st: Adaptive Multiscale Model Reduction in Reactive Systems ( )
Prof. Samuel Paolucci (Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, University of Notre Dame)

December 8th: Turbulence measurements in single and multiphase systems using Particle Image Velocimetry ( Abstract )
Dr Mark J Simmons (School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham)