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Fluid Dynamics Seminars, 2013

Fluid Dynamics Seminar
Fluid Dynamics Research Centre
University of Warwick


January 16th: Prof. Maurizio Quadrio (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
The Money-vs-Time framework: A modern way for relating pressure drop and flow rate in a duct flow ( Abstract )

January 23rd: Prof. Constantin-C. Coussios (University of Oxford)
Shaken and stirred: how sound and bubbles can cure our troubles ( Abstract )

January 30th: Dr. Barbara Turnbull (Nottingham University)
Melting in Ice Avalanches ( Abstract )

February 20th: Dr. Thorsten Moeller (Braunschweig, Germany)
Aerodynamic characteristics of moving flat wings ( Abstract )

March 13th: Dr. Richard Munro (Nottingham University)
Stratified spin-up in a square cylinder ( Abstract )

April 24th: Dr. Nikolaos Asproulis (Dept. of Engineering Physics, Cranfield University)
Hybrid Atomistic-Continuum Modelling ( Abstract )

April 25th (Thursday, 4:15!) Dr Diego Alexander Garzon-Alvarado (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
Numerical methods for Bioengineering and Mechanical engineering: experiences and applications at Universidad Nacional de Colombia

May 1st: Dr. Xiaowei Zhao (School of Engineering, Warwick)
Aerodynamic Control of Long Span Suspension Bridges ( Abstract )

May 7th (TUESDAY!): Prof. Richard Brown (Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Sediment Properties, Flow Patterns and Turbulence in an Urban Environment during the 12-13 January 2011 Flood of the Brisbane River ( Abstract )

June 19th: Joseph H. Harris (School of Engineering, Warwick)
On the stability of flows over rough rotating disks ( Abstract )

June 26th: Prof. Herbert E. Huppert (FRS, DAMTP, Inst. Theoretical Geophysics, Cambridge)
Fluid modelling of carbon dioxide sequestration ( Abstract ) POSTPONED

September 19th (THURSDAY!): a 2-part talk on Drag reduction by bubble injection in large scales.
Dr. Ichiro Kumagai (Meisey University, Tokyo, Japan). Bubble injection system.
Prof. Yuichi Murai (Hokkaido University, Japan) Drag reduction mechanism ( Abstract )

October 9th: Prof. Hugh Blackburn (Monash University)
Computing optimal flow perturbations by timestepping.

October 16th: Prof. Nico Gray (University of Manchester).
Particle size segregation and spontaneous levee formation in geophysical mass flows ( Abstract )

October 30th: Dr. James Sprittles (Global Research Fellow, Maths and IAS, Warwick)
Interfacial Effects in Microflows: Different Models vs Experiments ( Abstract )

November 6th: Dr. Vasily Kantsler (Physics, Warwick)
Surface interactions in suspensions of swimming cells ( Abstract )

November 20th: Prof. Tim Pedley, F.R.S. (DAMTP, Cambridge)
Spherical squirmers ( Abstract )

December 4th: Prof. N. Swaminathan (Engineering, Cambridge)
Impact of DNS on Industrial Gas Turbine Combustor Calculation ( Abstract )