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Indian Institute of Science

The Indian Institute of Science (IISC) is the premier research institution for scientific research and graduate degrees in India. It is typically ranked higher than any other Indian university of technology in international academic rankings.

The research of the Department focuses on geotechnical earthquake engineering, evaluation of dynamic properties and liquefaction behaviour of soils, regional seismicity, site response and seismic micro-zonation, dam design, rock mechanics, ground improvement, constitutive models for municipal solid waste, characterization of bentonites and clays as buffer material for deep geological repositories of nuclear waste. Within the framework of the IRSES exchange, IISC carried out exchanges mainly with the University of Warwick (UWA) and the University of Milano - Bicocca (UMB).

• Research activities/achievements within Geohazards and Geomechanics project

- Evolution of slopes subject to weathering
- The behaviour of sands in the liquefaction and post-liquefaction regimes

Cliff after progressive weathering (Utili et al., 2016).

Cliff after progressive weathering (Utili et al., 2016).

• Relevant Publications

Utili S, Castellanza R, Crosta G B and Kumari A (2016). A DEM model for the prediction of the retreat of slopes subject to weathering: the Rosciano case study (to be submitted).