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3M: A User Modelling Interface of an Expert System for X-Ray Topographic Image Interpretation

Tjahjadi T, Bowen DK & Bevan JR

Interacting with Computers, vol 2, no 3, 1990, 259-278


This paper discusses user modelling techniques and presents the design and implementation of the 3M user modelling interface of INTEREX. INTEREX is an expert system for X-ray topographic image interpretation which assists its users in identifying and analysing a number of defects that can occur in high-quality crystals. 3M consists of a MONITOR, a MODEL and a MODIFIER. It is used to adapt the consultation route and the explanation is provided by INTEREX to three categories of users. It demonstrates the use of an implicit, individual, dynamic and long-term user model to enable an expert system to accommodate users with different levels of expertise.