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Coarse-to-Fine Planar Object Identification using Invariant Curve Features and B-Spline Modeling

Gu Y-H & Tjahjadi T

Pattern Recognition, Vol. 33, No. 9, 2000, 89-100


This paper presents a hybrid algorithm for coarse-to-fine matching of affine-invariant object features and B-spline object curves, and simultaneous estimation of transformation parameters. For coarse matching, two dissimilar measures are exploited by using the significant corners of object boundaries to remove candidate objects with large dissimilarity to a target object. For fine matching, a robust point interpolation approach and a simple gradient-based algorithm are applied to B-spline object curves under MMSE criterion. The combination of coarse and fine matching steps reduces the computational cost without degrading the matching accuracy. The proposed algorithm is evaluated using affine transformed objects.