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AIM Lab - Other Research

We have extensive experience in a number of application areas, some of which are detailed on the following pages.

Air-Coupled ultrasound

The group has significant experience with air-coupled ultrasound transducers and applications.

Micromachined Transducers

We have extensive experience of working with capacitative micromachined Ultrasonic transducers, manufactured using standard semiconductor fabrication.

Medical applications

Use of High intensity focussed ultrasound for theraputic treatments.

Capacitive Imaging

Investigation into using changes in electric field to detect subsurface features with capacitve electrodes.

Cargo Screening

We are part of the Cargo Screening Network, established as part of an EPSRC initiative in cargo screening.

Food testing

The AIM Lab has used several techniques with which to measure the quality of food, and to inspect food for contamination or the presence of foreign bodies. The two main techniques are Ultrasound and Near Infrared.


The AIM Lab was involved in the UK TSB consortium on In-situ Wireless Monitoring of Offshore Wind Towers and Blades (INSIGHT). The INSIGHT consortium comprises of the The Welding Institute plus 11 other industries, together with the AIM Lab at the University of Warwick, looking at novel methods for monitoring off-shore stuctures.

Micro - Stereo Lithography

The AIM Lab is engaged in research using rapid-prototyping techniques to produce novel transducers and associated parts.

Infra-red Security

The AIM Lab has been involved in novel research, which uses near infrared wavelengths to perform security scanning. This work has been funded by UK government agencies.